Ganesvara : PSM-ITB Concert 2019

Come Join Us on :

26th October 2019 at Graha Swara Tarumanegara University, Jakarta
3rd November 2019 at Aula Barat ITB, Bandung



For developing the skills of the choristers, PSM-ITB held an annual concert with different theme with years. other than developing their skills in singing, they also have the opportunity to plan and design this concert 

Annual COncert

As one of the prestige choir in Indonesia, PSM-ITB thrived to be at the top of our game for every competition taken part. To reach that goal, PSM-ITB held a concert that includes our newest choristers recruits. This program will help our choristers to grind their ability not only in musicality but also in time management and teamwork for this concert always achieved success.

choir festival

Held every 2 years since 1962, Festival Paduan Suara ITB is the oldest choir competition & festival held in national and international scale. 


FPS ITB is a choir festival held by PSM-ITB every two years. The purpose of this festival is to push and support the growth of choir in Indonesia. The events in FPS ITB includes choir competition, seminars, and many more. The next FPS ITB will be held on September 2020.

competing internationally

Thriving to be number one in the world of choir, every 2 years, chosen choristers will participate in world class choir competition. 

ITB Cultural Tour


1. Developing choristers’ characters in accordance with under the value of PSM-ITB.

2. Devotion to alma mater of Bandung Institute of Technology and Indonesia 

3. Increasing exposure of choir to the society


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