PSM-ITB presents


conducted by Adi Nugroho

The name comes from the English word ‘ardent’, meaning ‘burning’ and ‘full of passion’.

PSM-ITB has always been deeply passionate about music and will keep striving to improve and develop as a choir. This concert is where we will perform songs that will engage your passion and lift up your spirits, reflecting the title of the concert, Ardénte.

The concept to this concert will surely be one you’ll hardly find anywhere else; as it is unique and will take you on a blissful trip down memory lane. 


This concert was held on February 23rd, 2020 as a part of  our annual program to develop our choristers’  musicality while bringing a fresh, new face to PSM-ITB. This concert has easy-listening, eye-catching  program and most importantly, involves the newest recruits of PSM-ITB every year.


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