Nama Ganesvara

Ganesvara 2023

Let our voices become the inspiration for your innovation

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“Ganesha” is the god of universe and science, which is also a symbol of ITB and “Svara” means the complete dimension of music. Together the words make up the name “Ganesvara”, which means the voice representation of Bandung Institute of Technology.

Ganesvara is our yearly concert which is held in Jakarta and Bandung, usually in the second half of the year. This concert is conducted by our Music Director Adi Nugroho and involves our choristers from the newest recruits to alumni. ITB Student Choir has also collaborated with other musicians in this concert, such as Acacia Youth String Orchestra in 2019.

The most recent Ganesvara concert was held on October 26th in Jakarta and November 3rd in Bandung. It was a post-competition concert following our participation in 7th Satya Dharma Gita Choir Festival in Semarang. In the concert we performed songs from the competition that vary in genre and theme.

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