Student Choir of Institut Teknologi Bandung, often called PSM-ITB, is a scholar organization established by Bambang Bramono on 11 February 1962 and is the oldest student choir in Indonesia. For the 2022/2023 period, PSM-ITB is chaired by Owen Nathanael Hery, majored in Mathematics 2019.

In the beginning, PSM-ITB was mandated to sing in protocol events such as graduation, inauguration, or ceremonies. Until this day, PSM-ITB has grown as a choir and also as an organization. Adi Nugroho as the current music director has guide PSM-ITB to be better and in results PSM-ITB has achieved many awards in  national and international competition.

ITB Cultural Tour (ICT), one of the programs, is held every 2 years to intensify the exposure of Indonesian culture to the world. 

Choir Festival or FPS ITB is the oldest choir competition in Indonesia that  has been held since 1968. This program is held every 2 years and has been participated by local and international choristers.

Besides that, PSM-ITB has always maintained a good relationship between active members and their alumni. To accommodate this relationship, PSM-ITB proposed friendship concert called Ganesvara. Ganesvara itself means the voice representation of ITB. The word derived from two Sanskrit words, Ganesha and Svara. Ganesha means the god of the universe and science, which is an icon of ITB. Svara means the complete dimension of musical notes.


4th Choir Olympics, Xiamen, China

  1.  2 Gold Medals
  2. 2 Silver Medals


48th International Choral Competition "C.A. Seghizzi", Gorizia, Italia

  1.  2nd Winner – Choral Arrangements of Folk and Traditional Songs
  2.  Best Performer – “Water”


59th Guido d'Arezzo International Polyphonic Competition, Arezzo, Italia

  1.  1st Winner – Audiences’ Votes – International Festival of Choral Folk Music
  2.  5th Place – Polyphony from Impressionism to the Present Days


Bratislava Cantat I 2014, Bratislava, Slovakia

  2. Golden Band – Adult Choirs
  3. Golden Band – Adult Choirs – Women
  4. Golden Band – Folksong A Cappella
  5. Special Prize for Interesting Choreography of the Folk Programme


5th Florence International Choir Festival

  1. 1st prize Mixed Youth Choir
  2. 1st prize Folklore
  3. Best Costume
  4. Best Contemporary Arrangement
  5. Best Italian Composer Performance


57th Concorso Internationale di Canto Corale "Seghizzi"

  1. GRAND PRIX 1st runner-up
  2. 1st runner-up in 1d category
  3. 1st runner-up in category 1 (a-d)
  4. 1st prize in 2a category
  5. 1st prize in category 2 (a-c)
  6. Special award for best delivery for “poetry in music” 
  7. Most Favorite Performance in 2a category
  8. Best Costume


7th Satya Dharma Gita Choir Festival

  1. 1st Winner of Mixed Choir Category
  2. 1st Runner Up of Music of Religions Category
  3. 2nd Runner up of Grand Champion
  4. Best Interpretation of Compulsory Song
  5. Best Program